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Besson Euphoniums (20 pics) Page 1; early instruments.

Besson Euphoniums (16 pics) Page 2; later instruments.

Boosey & Hawkes Euphoniums (27 pics)

British & European Euphoniums (39 pics)
Page 1 & 1A, instruments by Amati, Baring, Brown, Clercq, Couesnon, Courtois,
De Lacy, De Vries, Distin, Highams, Hirsbrunner, Huttl,
Lark, Mahillon & Marzan.

British & European Euphoniums (30 pics)
Page 2; instruments by Paris, Roth, Salvation Army, Sax, Schoenaers,
Sterling, Thibouville-Lamy, Tourville-Cie, Vanlinthout,
Weril, Willson & Yamaha.

The French Collection of Euphoniums & Tubas (15 pics)
An un-named collection of fascinating instruments made in France.

British & European Baritones (23 pics)
Instruments by Barcone, Berliner, Besson, Boosey, Hileron,
Perfactone, Pourcelle, Schubert & the Salvation Army.

Conn Euphoniums (17 pics) Page 1; single bell models.

Conn Euphoniums (17 pics) Page 2; double bell models.

American Euphoniums (29 pics)
Page 1; instruments by Boston, Buescher, Champion, Falcon, Fischer,
Holton, Kanstul, Keefer & King.

American Euphoniums (27 pics)
Page 2; instruments by Pepper, Reynolds, Slater, Viking, White,
Wullscher, Wurlitzer & York.

American Baritones (25 pics)
Page 1, instruments by Cavalier, Conn, Couturier, Distin, Keefer, King,
Lehnert and Lyon-Healy.

American Baritones (19 pics)
Page 2; instruments by Martel, Olds, Pepper, Pollman, Vock, Wurlitzer & York.

Our Collection of Euphoniums & Baritones (17 pics)
Instruments by Besson, Campbell, Courtois, Hawkes, Highams & Willson.

Archive advertisement & picture gallery (14 pics)

Great British Low Brass sections of the past. (13 pics)
Page 1; featuring the bands of Harry Mortimer's All Star Brass, Aldershot,
Black Dyke Mills, Brighouse & Rastrick, Cory & C.W.S. Manchester.

Great British Low Brass sections of the past. (10 pics)
Page 2; the bands of Fairey, Grimethorpe, G.U.S. Footwear,
the Men o' Brass & Wingates Temperance.

Rare 6 valve Mahillon Euphonium!

4 valves not enough? Courtois & Couesnon don't seem to think so!

Here are some pics taken from our visit to California.
These are 'over-the-shoulder' horns from the Fiske Museum in
Claremont, just outside Los Angeles.
This museum has a fantastic collection of keyboard, woodwind & brass
and is well worth a visit.
(By appointment only, contact Albert Rice for details)

Here is a complete set in use by the 1st. Brigade Band from Wisconsin, U.S.A.

What is It? The bell engraving reads; Wenzl-John Braunau-Bohmen.

Luc Decock from Belgium kindly tells me it's a bass trombone and the manufacturer was based near Braunau, Broumov CZ around 1875. During the 1800's these instruments were stamped with different names;
Riedi Wenzl, Stowasser Wenzl & Wendl Stowasser's Sohne, Adolph Stowasser.

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