The Euphonium Collective

The History of The Hanwell Band

Section 3, 1978 - 1983

Compiled November 2001, by Charley Brighton. June 2023

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Early February was the usual date for the Yeovil Entertainment's Contest in which we competed.

1st. Cory Band
2nd. City Of Coventry
3rd. Stanshawe
Adjudicator Courtney Bosanko

Other competing bands; Camborne, Hanwell, St. Austell, Swanbrook, Tredegar & Woodfalls.

6 days later we are recording again on a live Friday Night Is Music Night with the B.B.C. Concert Orchestra.
Band items; A Bridge Too Far, Addison, Cornet Trio (?) & Hogarth's Hoedown, Lear.

2 days on and it's a concert with the Ealing Citadel Army Songsters, compared by Robert Alexander in aid of the Seoul (Korea) Boys Band.

French Military March, Saint Seans
Orpheus in The Underworld, Offenbach
Air From Suite in D, Bach
Trumpets Wild, Walters
Hogarths Hoedown, Lear
Feelings, arr. Saunders, horn soloist Karen Williams
Rhapsody In Blue, arr. Huckeridge


A Bridge Too Far, Addison
I Wish You Love, trombone soloist Graham Dutton
Entertainments, Vinter
To A Wild Rose, euphonium soloist John Luckett
The Floral Dance, arr. Broadbent

7 days later and it's another Horsham contest for quartets & ensembles. Our friend Don Morrison kindly gave the B team 5th. (Euryanthe) the A team 1st. (Fancy's Knell) and the ensemble 1st. (Russlan & Ludmilla).

Area Contest
Adjudicators George Thompson and Josef Horovitz award the Band first prize at Watford on 12th March giving them their third consecutive win, a hat trick of Area titles with a three point lead over Aldershot Brass, a friendly rival who had just joined with Hanwell at Twickenham Rugby Ground for a massed bands performance. The test piece was Bliss's Bellemont Variations.

1st. Hanwell conductor Barbara Stone, 190 points
2nd. Aldershot Brass conductor George Prior, 187 points
3rd. Luton conductor Lyn Morgan, 186 points
4th. Morris Concert conductor Walter Rees, 185 points.

Other competing bands; Aveley (Cyril Suckling), Cambridge (David Read), Clacton (Robert Howard), Croydon (Alf Jarvis), Hemel Hempstead (D. Henderson), Hendon (Don Morrison), Newham (Ray Farr), Oxford Concert (H. Williams) & Solent Concert (Wesley Garner).

The Easter weekend was spent at Pontin's Holiday Camp for the qualifying contest on Kenilworth (Bliss) where James Scott & Derek Broadbent gave us a disappointing 7th. place.

1st. Cory conductor Bram Gay, 185 points
2nd. Woodfalls conductor William Buchan, 184 points
3rd. St. Dennis conductor Eddie Williams, 181 points
4th. St. Austell conductor Derek Johnston, 178 points
5th. Tredegar conductor W. Thomas, 177 points
6th. Lewis Merthyr conductor Nigel Seaman, 176 points
7th. Hanwell conductor Barbara Stone, 175 points
8th. Markham & District conductor John Pryce-Jones, 174 points
9th. Leicester Foresters conductor Robert Coates, 173 points.

Other competing bands were; Bath Spa (B. Buckley), Blaina & District (I. Roberts), British Rail Swindon, Calverton Colliery (B. Wilson), Cinderford (C. Chappell), Hogarths (Mike Cotter), Hymac Rhymney (C. Buckley), Ibstock (Allan Street), Mid Rhondda (S. Williams), Oxford Concert (H. Williams), Parc & Dare (I. Morgan) & Swanbrook (D. Stephens).

April 15th. the Lansing Bagnall Championships.

1st. William Davis, 193 points
2nd. Carlton Main Frickley, 191 points
3rd. Webb Ivory Newhall, 190 points
4th. Hendon Band, 185 points
5th. Aldershot Brass, 182 points

Other competing bands; Luton, Aldbourne, Cinderford, Solent, Hanwell, Hampshire Concert, Oxford Concert, Hemel Hempstead, Bath Spa, Mid Rhondda, Woodfalls, Lockwood, Rochdale & Coventry School of Music.

Adjudicator Harry Mortimer, set test piece, Bellemonte Variations, Bliss.

Saturday 13th May, 1978. The Lions Club of Maidenhead.
Soloists: David Allison, Cornet, Karen Williams, Horn, Graham Dutton, Trombone, Charley Brighton, Euphonium.

Hatch End High School, Wednesday, 17th May, 1978. Guest soloist: Michael Hext, Winner of the B.B.C. Television Young Musician of the Year competition.
Organised by Harrow Young Musicians with funds going to the Student Concert Band recording project.
Compere; Ray Norton, programme:

French Military March, Saint Seans
Simon Called Peter, Vinter
Feelings, Albert
Micheal Hext with Marion Hext on Piano; Bolivar, Cook
1st. Movement Trombone Concert, Jacob

West Country Fantasy, Langford
Intermezzo & Easter Hymn, Cavalleria Rusticana, Mascagni


A Bridge Too Far, Addison
Varied Mood, euphonium soloist Charley Brighton
Rhapsody In Blue, arr. Huckeridge
Micheal Hext and band; Rhapsody for Trombone, Langford
Pavanne, Gould
Floral Dance, arr. Broadbent
Orpheus in the Underworld, Offenbach.

Bandstand, Radio 3, 3rd July, 1978.
First Broadcast performance of Concerto for Brass Band op.37 by Kenneth Platts

Best of Brass
The 1st. prize at the Area contest gave us an automatic entry to the new Best of Brass television contest. So on Friday June 9th. at the Assembly Rooms in Derby, we recorded our first programme against what was then the Fairey Engineering Band (Walter Hargreaves). Obviously, they went on and we went out.
Our programme was Jesus Christ Superstar arranged by Bruce Gentry of Aldershot. Summertime (Gershwin) featuring David Allison and arranged by David Smith and Themes from a Wild West Movie (Pryce Jackman). This was specially written for us by Andrew who was arranger for the recording with Peter Skellern, You're A Lady.

Back on the radio again for Friday Night is Music Night, live on June 23rd.
Band items; Moonliner March, arr. David Smith, I Wish You Love, trombone soloist Graham Dutton & Galop from Orpheus in the Underworld, Offenbach.

A programme for Listen To The Band is rehearsed and recorded at the Hippodrome Golders Green.
With Hanwell are Newham and Aveley Bands, conducted by Roy Newsome with guest soloist Philip Mc.Cann.

Kingsize March, Newsome
A Sullivan Fantasy, Langford
Bees a' Buzzin, Siebert
Carnival De Venice, Phil Mc.Cann with Hanwell Band
Sleeping Beauty Waltz, Tchaikowsky
The Shipbuilders, Yorke
We've Only Just Begun, arr. Ashmore
Paperchase, trombone feature, Stephens
Star Wars, arr. Ray Farr
Horn Pipe Suite, Cruft
Russalka's Song To The Moon, Dvorak
Alpine Echoes, Windsor, Philip Mc.Cann with Hanwell Band

Great Gate at Kiev, arr. Howarth
Carnival Day, Langford

National Finals
With the last performance of the day at the Royal Albert Hall National Championships, Hanwell are placed equal 7th with Cory Band on Eric Ball's arrangement of Bliss's Checkmate ballet suite. One point out of the frame and the Band's highest national placing since 1970.
The adjudicators were; Cedric Thorpe Davie, George Evans & Albert Chappell.

Pontins Finals
Held at Prestatyn on November 6th.

1st. Cory, conductor Denzil Stephens, 98 points
2nd. Ancient Order of Foresters, conductor P. Wright, 93 points
3rd. St. Dennis, conductor E. Williams, 92 points
4th. East Lancs Paper Group, conductor M. Brownbill, 91 points
5th. unknown
6th. Hanwell conductor Barbara Stone, 88 points

Other competing bands;
C.W.S. Manchester (Trevor Walsmley), Lewis Merthyr (Nigel Seaman), Markham & District (P. White), Rochdale (Norman Ashcroft), St. Austell (Derek Johnston), Tredegar (W. Thomas), Wingates (David Loukes) & Woodfalls (W. Buchan).
The adjudicators were Vivian Dunn & Arthur Butterworth, the set test piece was Judges of the Secret Court, Berlioz.

Brass Ensemble
The Hanwell Brass Ensemble give a joint concert with the famous "Scholars" vocal group at St. John's, Smith Square on Sunday, 17th December, with Prunella Scales and Moray Watson.
Players: Bob Stradling, Sandy Pollack, Keith Spiers and Tony Buchan, Comets; Dave Young, Horn; Martin Harvey and Phil. McNulty, Trombones; Charley Brighton, Euphonium and Len Bryant, Bass Tuba.


From the British Bandsman.
"Hanwell will shortly appear in new livery, for after 88 years as a subscription band, Hanwell have accepted a sponsorship offer from Roneo Vickers Office Equipment Group. As from the 1st February the Hanwell Band will be renamed The Roneo Vickers Band.
The decision to change the name required some heart searching as Hanwell are very proud of the fact that as a subscription band they had maintained a consistently high standard. The first engagement as Roneo Vickers will be on B.B.C.'s Friday Night is Music Night, which comes live from Croydon's Fairfield Halls, 16th February."
Band items;
Those Magnificent Men, Goodwin, The Water Mill, soloist David Allison, Pavanne, Gould & Eleanor Rigby arr. David Smith.

Last Concert.
From the MIDDLESEX CHRONICLE, Saturday, 26th January.
"Many events are 'firsts', few are singled out as 'lasts'. Yet the concert at Cranford Concert Hall on Friday, 26th was an important 'last' for the Hanwell Band as from next week the name Hanwell will cease to exist."

Programme conducted by Barbara Stone.
Hungarian March, Berlioz
Simon called Peter, Vinter
The Water Mill., cornet soloist David Allison
The Shipbuilders, Peter York
Post Horn Galop, soloist Robin Lock
Feelings, Maurice Albert
Pavanne, Mourton Gould
Intermezzo & Easter Hymn, Cavalleria Rusticana


Those Magnificent Men, Goodwin
West Country Fantasy, Langford
Lark in the Clear Air, horn soloist, Karen Williams
Rhapsody in Blue, arr. Huckeridge
Varied Mood, euphonium soloist, Charley Brighton
Big Spender, arranged by Greenwood
Eleanor Rigby, arranged by Dave Smith
Finale from Checkmate, Bliss

The 'traditional' Hanwell blue and gold changed to Roneo's Company colours of Pink and Silver. Two sets were purchased at no cost to the Band. One set for stage presentation (Pink) and one set as travelling uniforms (maroon and Grey).

At the Wembley Contest on February 25th. we are awarded a disappointing 8th. place out of 16 entries by adjudicators Roy Newsome & George Evans. The set test piece was Sinfonietta by Erik Leidzen.

Area Contest
March 18th. Watford Town Hall.

1st. Cambridge, conductor David Read, 187 points
2nd. Solent Concert, conductor Wesley Garner, 185 points
3rd. Roneo Vickers, conductor Barbara Stone, 184 points
4th. Morris Motors, conductor Walter Reese, 183 points
5th. Newham, conductor Ray Farr, 182 points

Other competing bands; Aldershot (George Prior), Aveley (Cyril Suckling), Betteshanger (John Gould), Clacton (Robert Howard), Hemel Hempstead (D. Henderson), Hendon (Don Morrison), Luton (Lyn Morgan), Oxford Concert (H. Williams) & Southsea (A. Slaughter).
The adjudicators were James Scott & George Evans, the set test piece was Variations by Vaughan Williams.

The following week we play the same test piece again at the Lansing Bagnall Contest and are unplaced in both that section and the entertainment contest section.

Annual Dinner.
The Roneo Vickers Band first Annual Dinner, 2nd June, 1979. The Red Lion Hotel, Hounslow.

Friday Night is Music Night recording in Maida Vale Studio 1 for future transmission.
Band items;
Simoraine, Barraclough, We've Only Just Begun, arr. Ashmore & Superman, arr. Ray Farr.

Swiss Tour
Following the successful tour in 1975, the Band return to Ruti in Switzerland for a tour which included concerts at the Ruti Festival, Interlaken, Solothurn and Stein, giving seven concerts.

Musical Director, Barbara Stone
Principal cornet, David Allison, Solo cornets, Bob Stradling, Sandy Pollack & Keith Spiers
Soprano cornet, John Noall, Flugel Horn, Stuart Kirk, Repiano cornet, John Blake
2nd. cornets, Richard Moakes, Mick Blake, 3rd. cornet, Geoffrey Webb
Horns, Graham Chivers (solo), Karen Williams (1st.) & Dave Young (2nd.)
Baritones, Cecil Davies (1st.) & Greg Hayes (2nd.)
Trombones, Martin Harvey (solo), George Groom (2nd.) & Phil Mc.Nulty (bass)
Euphoniums, Charley Brighton (solo) & John Luckett
Basses, Len Bryant & Alan Spiers (E flat), Vic Condon & Len Newstead (B flat)
Percussion, George Lock & Andrew Cummine
Compere, Ray Norton, Librarian, Roy Beesley

Concert programmes.

Interlaken July 9th.

Star Wars, John Williams arr. Frank Bryce
The Marriage of Figaro Overture, Mozart arr. Bernard Hazlegrove
Trumpet Eclair, Ray Woodfield, soloist David Allison
Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals, Eric Ball
Pavanne, Faure arr. Gordon Langford
Eleanor Rigby, Lennon / Mc.Cartney arr. David Smith
Sailing By, Ronald Binge
Variations for Brass Band, Vaughan Williams


A Bridge Too Far, John Addison arr. Frank Bryce
West Country Fantasy, arr. Gordon Langford
Siciliana & Giga, Handel arr. Gordon Langford, Horn soloist Graham Chivers
Rhapsody in Blue, George Gershwin arr. Eddie Huckeridge
Varied Mood, Ray Woodfield, Euphonium soloist Charley Brighton
Feelings, Maurice Albert arr. Gordon Saunders
Big Spender, Cy Colman ar. Philip Greenwood
Finale from Checkmate, Bliss arr. Eric Ball

Solothurn July 10th.

Supeman, John Williams arr. Ray Farr
Allegro Vivace, Mendelssohn arr. Derek Ashmore
Spanish Eyes, Keampfert arr. Ray Woodfield, Cornet soloist David Allison
The Shipbuilders, Peter Yorke
The Girl With The Flaxen Hair, Debussy arr. Micheal Brand
Ritual Firedance, De Falla arr. Allan Street
The Shadow of Your Smile, Webster arr. Dennis Wilby, Flugel soloist Stuart Kirk
Les Francs Juges, Berlioz arr. Frank Wright


Simmoraine, Clive Barraclough
Cavalleria Rusticana Selection, Mascagni arr. Wright
The Lark In The Clear Air, arr. Gordon Langford, Horn soloist Karen Williams
Miller Magic, arr. Denzil Stephens
Blaydon Races, arr. Gordon Langford, Euphonium soloist Charley Brighton
Music, John Miles arr. John Blake
Mars from the Planets, Holst arr. Norman Richardson

Stein July 11th.

As programme for Interlaken plus;
Russalka's Song to The Moon, Dvorak arr. Gordon Langford, Cornet soloist Bob Stradling
The Earle of Oxford's March & King's Hunting Jig, arr. Elgar Howarth
March Prelude, Edward Gregson
Danse Macabre, Saint Seans arr. Eddie Huckeridge
Endearing Young Charms, arr. Gordon Langford, Euphonium soloist Charley Brighton
The Battle Hymn of The Republic, arr. Derek Broadbent

Change of Conductor.
With the resignation of Barbara Stone, Bryan Birchall returns once again to conduct the Band at various concerts until the arrival of Frank Renton as Musical Director in October of 1979.

Football Match
The band (conducted by Charley Brighton) are invited to entertain the crowds at half - time at Brentford Football Ground by programme editor Eric White. The band were regular visitors there before 'canned' music was installed.

Versatile Brass
A 10 piece group from the band conducted by David Smith give a concert in Newmarket in aid of the Newmarket Hospital Fund.
Sadly, David Smith passed away on December 1st. 2002.

Reading Festival, November 17th. Set test piece, Connotations by Edward Gregson.
The band are un-placed by adjudicator John Berryman.

October 28th. Jubilee Brass ! A concert with Aylsham Band to celebrate their Golden Jubilee at St. Andrew's Hall, Norwich, conducted by Bryan Birchall.

Dovercourt Community Centre, November 18th. conductor Bryan Birchall

Addlestone Centre, 1st December, 1979. Conducted by Ray Farr.

St. John's Smith Square, December 16th. 10 piece brass ensemble conducted by David Smith with The Scholars vocal group.

As usual, many Old Age Pensioners' Charity Concerts are given towards Christmas, in the locality, a tradition in Hanwell.


The first contest of the year is at Hammersmith.

1st. Hendon Band, conductor Don Morrison, 191 points playing Journey Into Freedom, Ball
2nd. Ancient Order of Foresters, conductor P. Wright, 190 points playing the Corsair Overture, Berlioz
3rd. Roneo Vickers, conductor Frank Renton, 188 points playing Journey Into Freedom, Ball

Other competing bands; Ibstock (Beatrice & Benedict), Aveley (Blackfriars), Hemel Hempstead (Beatrice & Benedict), Swindon (ditto), Oxford Concert (ditto) & Cambridge (Volcano).

At the Wembley Contest a few weeks later, we are placed 14th. out of 16 entries by adjudicators Eric Bravington & Albert Chappell on the set test piece, Beatrice & Benedict Overture, Berlioz.

The Area Contest on the same piece holds no reward either as adjudicators Jon Hall & Roy Newsome place Morris Motors 8th. Roneo Vickers 10th. & Hendon 11th.

A few weeks later we play the same piece yet again for the Lansing Bagnall Contest where we are placed 12th. out of an entry of 21.

The S.C.A.B.A contest in May moved to Hove Town Hall.

1st. Solent Concert conductor Wesley Garner playing the march Mephistopheles, Douglas and Journey Into Freedom, Ball
2nd. Aldershot Brass conductor George Prior playing the march Challenge, Broadbent and Variations On A Ninth, Vinter
3rd. Roneo Vickers conductor Frank Renton playing the march Knight Templar and Symphony of Marches, Vinter

Aldershot won the march prize.

Soloist Goes West
Euphonium Charley Brighton leaves the band to join the Sun Life Stanshawe Band on principal euphonium. Mario Tagliaferro takes over in London.

Annual Dinner.
30th August, 1980, The Colne Valley Passenger Boat Trip, leaving Uxbridge, 7.30.

At the Romford Solo & Quartet Contest held in Marshalls Park Upper School, on Saturday September 27th. Beverley Vaughan (tenor horn) wins the Air Varie section with Shirley Gardiner (euphonium) coming 2nd.
Shirley wins the open Slow Melody section, and the Duet section with Mario Tagliaferro (euphonium).
The quartet win their their section and both Beverley & Shirley win prizes in the Open Sight Reading section and Open Own Choice.
The adjudicators are Ted Buttress and Peter Wilson.

Eric Bravington returns as Musical Director.
Lynda Nicholson is appointed principal cornet.

Salvation Army Southall Citadel, conductor Eric Bravington.

Concert Prelude, Sparke
Pel Mel, Hogarth Lear
Whispering Brass, Haysom
Concertino, Wood, horn soloist Beverley Vaughan
Capricio, Sparke, soprano soloist John Noall
Pageantry, Howells


Radetzky March, Strauss
Thunder & Lightning Polka, Strauss
Introduction & Allegro Spiritoso (tutti item)
Vivat Regina, Matthias
Fiddler on the Roof, arr. Street
Pomp & Circumstance March, Elgar.

Change of Conductor.

Philip Sparke is appointed as Resident Conductor

Among Your Souvenirs, Radio 2, May 5th. conductor Eric Bravington.
Programme; Entry of the Gladiators, Fucik & Gold & Silver Waltz, Lehar.

Bandstand B.B.C. Radio 3, May 23rd. conductors Eric Bravington & Philip Sparke.
Programme; Concert Prelude, Sparke & Music From The Elizabethan Court, arr. Howarth.

Friday Night is Music Night, July 31st. conductor Eric Bravington.
Programme; Radetzky March, Strauss, Calypso, Bourgeois & Midnight Sleighride, Prokofiev.

Watford Own Choice;

1st. Luton, 187 points
2nd. Hendon, 186 points
3rd. Roneo, 184 points
Adjudicator Geoffrey Brand.

More prizes followed with a 4th at Reading. Numerous broadcasts are undertaken with both conductors and a varied programme of music.


Watford Own Choice;

1st. Roneo, conductor Eric Bravington, 178 points playing Symphony of Marches, Vinter
2nd. Newham, 177 points
3rd. Thames Region Brass, 175 points playing Symphony of Marches, Vinter

Adjudicator Barbara Stone.

Watneys Festival, Watford Town Hall

1st. Solent Concert conductor Wesley Garner, 189 points
2nd. Leyland Vehicles conductor Richard Evans, 187 points
3rd. Roneo Band conductor Eric Bravington, 185 points
4th. William Davis conductor John Berryman, 184 points.

Burgess Hill Entertainments Contest, May 23rd.

1st. Roneo Band, 197 points
2nd. Aldershot Brass, 189 points.

High Wycombe Salvation Army, June 19th. Conductor Philip Sparke.
Programme includes Crown Imperial, Walton, Rhapsody In Brass, Goffin, Music Hall Suite, Horovitz and Pageantry, Howells.

Among Your Souvenirs Radio 2, May 20th. conductor Eric Bravington.
Programme; Nights of Gladness, Ancliffe.

Bandstand Radio 3, October 4th. conductor Eric Bravington.
Programme; Provence, Kelly, Symphony of Marches, Vinter & Symphonic Suite, Lucas.

Listen To The Band Radio 2, December 3rd. conductor Eric Bravington.
Programme; 633 Squadron, Goodwin, Whispering Brass, Haysom, The Watermill, Binge, Stars & Stripes, Sousa, Morgenblatter, Strauss, Elegy, Vinter, Eleanor Rigby, arr. Smith & Allegro Spiritoso, Senaille.

New Appointment.
Walter B. Hargreaves is appointed as Prof. Conductor with Philip Sparke, due to Eric's increasing illness.

Bravura Brass
Beverley Vaughan forms a group which is conducted by Philip Sparke and raises 150 towards the National Youth Brass Band funds.
It features;

Lynda Nicholson (Hendon)
Helen Pollard (Wantage)
Nicola & Beverley Vaughan (Roneo)
Phil Embling (Luton)
Paul Ellison (Roneo)
Ray Meadham (Roneo)
Mario Tagliaferro (Roneo)
Paul Gould (Oxted)
Ian Bousfield (Yorkshire Imperial)
Matthew Hackett (Croydon)

At the Watford Own Choice Contest the results are;

1st. Clacton on Sea, Robert Howard, 193 points
2nd. Newham, Melvin White, 190 points
3rd. Roneo, Walter Hargreaves, 189 points.
Ajudicator Roy Newsome.

Soloist Returns
Former solo euphonium player Charley Brighton returns on B flat bass tuba and forms the Roneo Tuba Ensemble.

Solos and Quartets.
At the association's Winston Contest, the Tuba Ensemble (Euphonium, 2 E flat Basses and B flat Bass) are awarded first prize out of 14 entries, The Duet Championship is also won by Mario Tagliaferro (Euphonium) and Elaine Wolff (Cornet).

Eric Bravington.
In August of 1982 the tragic news was received of the passing, in a Sue Ryder Home, of Eric Bravington, at the age of 61. The news shook the entire Music World and the Band immediately set about making plans for a memorial occasion for a man who gave Hanwell so much and who became a national figure in brass bands.

The Eric Bravington Memorial Cup.
With the kind permission of Messrs. Boosey & Hawkes and Pamela Bravington, the Band were able to secure a challenge cup to be presented at the Royal Albert Hall following the National Championships. The award would be to the Best Instrumentalist of the Youth Section and will be known as the "Eric Bravington Memorial Cup".

Reading results;

1st. Aldbourne, D.V. Keene, 189 points
2nd. Roneo, Philip Sparke, 186 points
3rd. Woodfalls, Frank Renton, 185 points
4th. Luton, D. Baron, 182 points.
The set test piece is Salute To Youth by Gilbert Vinter. The adjudicator is Denzil Stephens.

At the Folkestone Contest on October 17th. the band are unplaced by Trevor Sharpe after playing Journey Into Freedom, Ball.

On Tour
The week-end of the 27th./ 28th. November sees the Band on a tour of Holland and Belgium carrying the Roneo Flag. The highlight was the Evening Concert following the Belgium Brass Band Championships, with Harry Mortimer as guest conductor and Ian Bousfield as trombone soloist.


Conducted by Philip Sparke;
The Roneo Fanfare, Sparke
Superman, Williams
Orient Express, Bennet
Rhapsody for Trombone, Langford, Soloist Ian Bousfield
The Music Hall Suite, Horovitz
Midnight Sleighride, Prokofiev
Finale, Baba Yaga and the Great Gate of Kiev, Moussorgsky.

Part two, conducted by Harry Mortimer;
Introduction to Act III Lohengrin, Wagner
Napoli, Belstedt, Soloist Lynda Nicholson
Pavane, Faure
The Berne Patrol, arranged Howarth
Rule Britannia, Hartmann, Soloist Mario Tagliaferro
Journey Ino Freedom, Eric Ball
Pomp & Circumstance March no.1, Elgar.

Guest Soloists
Lynda Nicholson & Charley Brighton appear as guest soloists with the Canterbury Youth Band, conductor David Cutting, December 4th.

A priority on the Band's New Year list is a new rehearsal room.
The answer came with the move to Hayes and the Botwell Brotherhood Central Hall.

New Conductor.
Auditions are held following the resignation of Philip Sparke and Ian Johnson is chosen. Having gained the G.G.S.M. and P.G.C.E. he is a teacher at the Whitgift School in Croydon, and a former solo cornet with the Cambridge Band.

Hanwell Returns
With the financial position of many companies throughout the country worsening, the sponsorship of the Band by Roneo Ltd. ceases and the Band returns to being Hanwell once more. The financial backing received from Roneo was indeed generous and the Band will always be extremely grateful for the assistance which enabled an almost complete re-equipment of the Band.
The Band and Roneo Ltd. part the best of friends.

Area Contest
A very close 2nd placing at the qualifying round at Watford on March 11th. gives Ian his first appearance at the Finals and Hanwell their 20th, having won the occasion 9 times previously.
The Test Piece is the controversial "Images" by John McCabe and the fine performance cements the relationship between Band and conductor.

1st. Hall's Oxford conductor Michael Brand, 193 points
2nd. Roneo conductor Ian Johnson, 192 points
3rd. Newham Band conductor Melvin White, 189 points
4th. Hendon conductor Don Morrison, 188 points

Adjudicator Derek Bourgeois.

Ian's first concert with the band is a celebration concert with Harry Mortimer, Lyn Morgan and the Hanwell & Luton Bands at the Beck Theatre in Hayes, It's the Centenary of Luton and the concert draws a capacity crowd.

Conducted by Lyn Morgan
Festive Prelude, Bulla
Marriage of Figaro Overture, Mozart
Pavanne In Blue, Huggens
Allegro from Bassoon Concerto, Mozart, euphonium soloist Dave Scott
Blaydon Races, arr. Langford (tutti item)
Theme from Shaft, arr. Morgan
Conducted by Harry Mortimer;
La Reine De Saba, Gounod
Greensleeves, arr. Langford
Slavonic Rhapsody no. 2, Friedmann


Conducted by Ian Johnson
A Bridge Too Far, Addison
Pirates of Penzance Overture, Sullivan
Hogarth's Hoe Down, Lear
Say Ye Who Borrow, Mozart, Flugel horn soloist Phil Embling
Cornet Carillon, Binge (tutti item)
Ritual Fire Dance, De Falla arr. Street
Conducted by Harry Mortimer
Force of Destiny Overture, Verdi
Air from Suite in D, Bach
Overture 1812, Tchaikowsky.

Burgess Hill Contest
Following this success the Band show their metal in the Entertainments side of contesting with a 9 point win in Sussex. Beverly Vaughan, the Band's Solo Horn player wins the Best Soloist award.

Saturday, 11th June, 1983, the Barn Theatre, Oxted, Surrey.
Guest soloists include Gracie Cole (Cornet) and Beverly Vaughan (Horn). Beverly had recently left to gain a place at Salford College in Manchester.
The Band's own soloists are featured including Lynda Nicholson, Elaine Wolff (Cornets), Mario Tagliaferro (euphonium) and Charley Brighton (B flat Bass). A number of Ian Johnson's fine brass arrangements are used.

Massed Bands
The Royal Festival Hall, July 7th.

The Foden O.T.S. Band
The Hendon Band (Don Morrison)
The Newham Band (Melvin White)
The Hanwell Band (Ian Johnson)
with guest conductor Howard Snell and soloists Don Lusher & Maurice Murphy with the Locke Brass Consort conductor James Stobart.

At the 2pm afternoon rehearsal the massed bands are rehearsed by John Hudson. Jack Peberdy rehearses and conducts his new arrangement of 'Oranges & Lemons' and a new composition, Follow The Band, A Song For London.
Also featured is Fanfare For London by 16 year old Andrea Tringham. Compere; Tony Myatt from Capitol Radio.

At the National Finals on October 9th. the band are drawn no.15 and with 188 points, are pleased with a 9th. placing out of 18 bands.
The test piece was Ballet for Band, by Josef Horovitz.
The adjudicators were David Willcocks, Roy Newsome & Eric Ball.

Folkestone Own Choice Contest;

1st. Newham conductor Melvin White, 191 points
2nd. Hanwell conductor Ian Johnson, 189 points
3rd. Southsea, 186 points

Adjudicator E. Gray.

Watford Own Choice gave us another 1st. prize.

1st. Hanwell conductor Ian Johnson
2nd. Nassington conductor John Berryman
3rd. Clacton conductor Robert Howard

Adjudicator David Read.

At the Reading Contest on November 19th. the band are unplaced by adjudicator Arthur Kenny on the set test piece A Festive City by Eric Ball.

On November 27th. however 1st. prize is won at Leicester.

1st.Hanwell conductor Ian Johnson
2nd. Dobcross conductor Les Beevers
3rd. Andrews Heat for Hire conductor David Hirst.

The adjudicator was Geoffrey Witham and the set test piece was Triumphant Rhapsody, Vinter.

On December 10th. & 11th. the Band record an L.P. on the Kestrel Label in St. Judes Church, Hampstead. (Copy available).
The programme recorded is;

A Festive Prelude, Stephen Bulla
La Bamba, arranged by Ray Woodfield
Goodbye to Love, Carpenter arranged by Ray Farr, soloist Marilyn Wolff
Swiss Rock, Rossini arranged by Brian Halls
Triumphant Rhapsody, Gilbert Vinter

Side 2

March to the Scaffold, Berlioz arranged by Ian Johnson
Czardas, Strauss arranged by Ian Johnson, soloist Linda Nicholson
Calypso, Derek Bougeois
One Voice, Barry Manilow arranged by Ian Johnson
The Wasps Overture, Vaughan Williams arranged by Ian Johnson

That's Life
The link with Esther Rantzen's popular TV programme is renewed and the Band appear on the series with the march The Avenger by Rimmer, and Koenig's Post Horn Galop. The galop is not played on the post horn but the lavatory !
An ex Marine bandsman had learnt the art whilst in service. The Band were in fine form and the show had two repeats on Radio 4's "Pick of the Week".

As we go to press, the Band are making final preparations for the special Charity Concert in memory of Eric Bravington, to be held at Ealing Town Hall.
The Guest Conductor will be Harry Mortimer, and a link with past successes will be made with performances of Wagner's Rienzi Overture, Dean Goffin's Rhapsody in Brass, and Gilbert Vinter's Challenging Brass.

Proceeds are to be shared between the Sue Ryder Foundation and the Malcolm Sargeant Cancer Fund.

Augmented by its valuable concert and contest work and B.B.C. broadcasts the Band surely are on their way once again to achieving National Honours.

Former cornet player with the band, Ian Mills dies, February 23rd. 2007.

Here's a list of most of the ex - Hanwell players I remember during my time,

Sadly, George Groom passed away on January 4th. 2003 at the age of 81. He was principal trombone for many years.
Cornets; David Allison, Mick & John Blake, Stuart Kirk, Robin & Eileen Lock, Steve Riddler, Fred & Maggie Croft, John Noall, Chris Joynes, Kevin Edwards, Elaine Wolff, Barbara Mealin, Wayne Duncan, Clive Calver, Linda Nicholson, Tom Sladen, Charlie Quantrill, David Rose, Janine Tunks, Ray Munday, Bob Stradling, Karen Shackleton, Alan Wilson, Sandy Pollack, Geoffrey Webb, Keith Spiers, Laurie & Nicola Vaughan, Grainger Rock & Richard Moakes.
Flugel Horns; David Southern, Phil Embling & Terry Williams.
Tenor Horns; Brian Birchall, Dave Young, George Nicklin, Ian Lester, Frank Bing, Roy Beesley, John Edmunds, Lynda Vel, Phil Cleeve, Karen Williams, Tina Seale, Alan Mann, Richard Hughes, Marilyn Wolff, Beverley Vaughan, Graham Chivers & Steve Cutting.
Baritones & Euphoniums; Cecil Davies, John Luckett, Mario Tagliaferro, Phil Thrift, Ron Wilson, Susan Vel, Paul Miller, Alan George and Alan Bray.
Trombones; Stan Willis, Martin Harvey, Ray Meadham, Alois Muller, Graham Dutton, Ken Davies, George Groom, Ray Norton, Nigel Allery, Ewan Mc.Morris, Darren Muir, Paul Applegarth & Phil Mc.Nulty.
Basses; Paul Ellison, Len Bryant, Linda Hobbs, Len Newstead, Dennis Goddard, Bryn Howells, Barry Child, Charles Kirk & Gregg Hayes.
Percussion; Richard White, Brian Tibbels, Vivien Childs, Jeff Worrell, Mark Rogers, George Lock & Andrew Cummine.

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