The Euphonium Collective

The History of The Hanwell Band

Section 2, 1960 - 1978

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September 3rd. Brentford & Chiswick Carnival features a concert by the band.


Area Contest 3rd
(Eric Bravington's first area contest, Tchaikovsky 5th. Symphony)
Tunbridge 1st. £25
Grays 1st. £25
Brighton 1st. £50
Reading 2nd. £15.15.0d test piece played; Fantasia, Mozart ( recording available)

This photograph is thought to have been taken in November 1960 prior to the Reading Contest. The band was featured in two evening massed bands concerts in both 1960 & 1961, with Harry Mortimer conducting on both occassions.
Bert Sullivan was the euphonium soloist in one of those concerts, accompanied by Hanwell.
Names of some of the players shown are Albert Osborne, principal cornet, Billy Keene, solo cornet, Percy Pitkin & Laurie Butland, tenor horns, George Groom, Ray Norton & Ted Walker, trombones, Arthur Buckland & Johnny DuBois, baritones, Cec Davies & Johnny Luckett, euphoniums, Len Atter & Mike Edwards, B flat basses Len Bryant, E flat bass.
The other bass not shown would have been Tommy Collins and the two men by the door are Alf Jarvis & Reg Bravington.

Gloucester 1st. £75
Tunbridge 1st. £25 test piece played; Les Preludes, Liszt ( recording available)
Brighton 2nd. £25
Area 2nd. £20
Hove 1st. £15
Grays 1st. £20
Romford 1st. £40
Reading 2nd. £15.15.0d
Southend 4th.

Tunbridge 2nd. £15
Brighton 2nd. (playing Tchaikovsky's 5th.) £25
Hove 1st. (Playing Rhapsody in Brass, Goffin) £12
Reading 2nd. £l5.15.0d
Grays 1st. (Playing Rhapsody in Brass)
Area 3rd. £15

Cornet player Alan Fippard remembers;
"There was another memorable musical experience playing Rhapsody in Brass, with Eric Bravington conducting, Grays Contest, possibly 1962. This was an outdoor contest, played in an old fashioned bandstand.
The piece was going well and by the time we had got to the last quarter of the third movement, just where all the semiquaver runs are, the band was really motoring and Eric realized that the band had “clicked” and rather than disturb the flow by energetic conducting, he bravely took one step back, leant against the rail, and just pointed out the first of the bar until we neared the end, when he reclaimed the control!
From where I sat on the back row of the cornets, I had a clear view down the line on the basses, and when they were playing their semiquaver runs, glanced up and was totally impressed with precision with which all their valves were moving in unison without the hint of any bluffing."

The London & Southern Counties Area Qualifying Contest was held on April 14th. 1962 in the Seymour Hall, London W.1. The test piece was Salute to Youth by Gilbert Vinter.

Results of the Championship section were;
1st. Morris Motors, conducted by Stanley Boddington, 184 points, (drawn 1st.)
2nd. Luton, conducted by Albert Coupe, 180 points,
3rd. Hanwell, conducted by Eric Bravington, 178 points,
4th. John Dickinson Band, conducted by Geoffrey Brand, 176 points
The other two competing bands were;
Croydon Borough, conducted by Alf Jarvis
& East Ham Borough, conducted by Cyril Suckling.

Park Concerts.
July 8th. 1962, Crystal Palace Park; (recording available)

Overture, Lustpiel, Bela
Eton Boating Song, Kapps
Three Dale Dances, Wood
The Wee MacGregor Patrol, Amers
Hungarian Medley, Somers
Indian Summer, Ball

August 22nd. 1962 Southall Rose Garden; (recording available)

Also included in the programme;
Slavonic Rhapsody No.2
Ballet Egyptien Themes, Luigini
Euphonium Solo, The Cavalier, Sutton
soloist John Luckett

In November of 1962, the band release "Here's Hanwell" on a 10" L.P. disc with the programme;

March, The Avenger, William Rimmer
Tone Poem, Quo Vadis, Drake Rimmer
Cornet solo, Facilita, John Hartmann, soloist David Allison
The Slavonic Rhapsody no.2, Friedmann.

The record is no. MLPB 10104 (copy available).
Issued by Keepoint Recording Services, 1 Knighton House, 102 Manor Way, London S.E.3. and sells for 26/- including tax.

1963 Contests.

Area 1st. £50
Tunbridge 2nd. £15 test piece played, Overture The Force of Destiny,Verdi, recording available
Romford 1st. £40
Reading 1st. £30 (190 points)
other awards; 2nd. East Ham Borough, Cyril Suckling (186 points)
3rd. 383 Field Regt. R.A.T.A. , A. Davies (187 points)
other competing bands; Cinderford Town (C. Chappell), Croydon Borough (Alf Jarvis) and Hayes & Harlington (B. Williams).
The set test piece was the Force of Destiny Overture, Verdi.

In the second half of the evening massed concert, Hanwell were featured playing Labour & Love (Fletcher) and the cornet solo Carnival De Venice with David Allison as soloist.

A follow up to "Here's Hanwell" is released in 1963 with the title "Bold As Brass". Another 10" L.P. on the Keepoint label, no.MLPB 10118 (copy available).
The programme was;

March, Bold As Brass, Thomas Chappell
Overture, Rienzi, Wagner arranged by Haydn Johns
Cornet solo, Carnival De Venice, William Rimmer arranged by Drake Rimmer,
soloist David Allison.
Tone Poem, Labour and Love, Percy Fletcher.

The band are heard playing the following programme on the B.B.C. Bright & Early programme, February 14th. 1963 ( recording available);

Washington Greys, Grafulla
Tango Militaire, Siebert
Thunder & Lightning Polka, Strauss
The Thin Red Line, Alford
Oklahoma Selection, arr. Wright
Don Jose, Charrosin
Toy Town Tattoo, Jordan
The Falcons, Williams
March, Bold As Brass, Chappell

Quartet Contests.
At the Luton Solo & Quartet Contest, March 9th. 1963, the trombone quartet of George Groom, Tom Evans, Ray Norton & Jack Hill perform the selection "Tchaikovsky"( recording available)

Massed Bands Concert.
At the Victoria Embankment Gardens on July 27th. Hanwell joined with the C.W.S. Manchester Band and the John Dickinson Band for a concert at 8pm.

Solo & Quartet Contest.
At the London & Home Counties contest held at Matthew Arnold School, Staines on November 11th., the band's members gained the following awards;

Senior Slow Melody;
1st. Len Newstead (B flat bass)
Championship Quartet;
1st. Hanwell (Eric Bravington)

1964, Contests.

Area 2nd. £30
Luton 3rd. £20
Tunbridge 2nd. £15
Romford 1st. £40
Reading 2nd. £15.15.0d Recording available

Tilbury Solo, Quartet & Septet.
May 1964, Senior Slow Melody;

1st. H.Thompson (John Dickinson Band)
2nd. T. Collins (Hanwell)
3rd. D. Nightingale (Chinnor)

Best Bass Trophy; T. Collins (Hanwell)

1st. Romford
2nd. Hanwell 'B'
3rd. Hanwell 'C'
4th. East Ham


1st. East Ham
2nd. Hanwell 'B'
Grays Temperance
4th. John Dickinson's

Adjudicators; Ralph Nellist & Dennis Smith.

1965 Contests

Area 2nd. £30
Nottingham 1st. £40
Hammersmith 1st. £20
Mansfield (Lorenzo) 1st. £120
Reading 1st. £30
Folkestone 1st. £20 (Deep Harmony & Resurgam)
National Finals 11th.
In the BBC Radio competition for bands, Challenging Brass of 1965
the band reached the semi-finals playing against Camborne Town Band
who went on to the final that year.

1965 TOC H Festival Concert
The weekend of the 22nd.-23rd. May of that year saw the band join forces with BMC Morris Motors Band at the Royal Albert Hall for a festival of music conducted by Harry Mortimer, with organist Arnold Greir.
The band music played featured the Spirit of Pageantry March by Percy Fletcher, Resurgam by Eric Ball and Cornet Carillon by Ronald Binge.

1966, Committee
President; Randolph Wren, Chairman; Frank Bing, Treasurer; Peter Topple, Public Relations Officer; Reg Bravington, Secretary; Ray Norton

1966, Contests.

February 19th. Nottingham, test piece; Life Divine, Jenkins.
1st. Hanwell 189 points
2nd. Cresswell Colliery 184 points
3rd. Hendon 176 points.
Adjudicator, Eric Ball.

March 6th. Hammersmith, test piece; Life Divine, Jenkins
1st. Hanwell 184 points
2nd. East Ham 182 points
3rd. Watneys 179 points.
Adudicator, Frank Wright.

May 7th. Tunbridge Wells, test piece; Beethoven's 1st. Symphony
1st. Hanwell 195 points
2nd. Betteshanger Colliery 192 points
3rd. Hendon 190 points.
Adjudicator, Bert Sullivan.

May 21st. Grays, test piece; Beethoven's 1st. Symphony
1st. Hanwell 190 points
2nd. Newham 185 points
3rd. Drayton 183 points.
Adjudicator, Harry Mortimer.

June 11th. Mansfield, test piece; Le Roi D'ys Overture, Lalo
1st. Hanwell 186 points
2nd. Grimethorpe Colliery 184 points
3rd. Cresswell Colliery 182 points.
Adjudicator, Alex Mortimer.

June 25th. Romford, test piece; Le Roi D'ys Overture, Lalo
1st. Hanwell 195 points
Adjudicator Harry Easy.

November 12th. Reading, test piece; Symphony of Marches, Vinter.
1st. Hanwell 95 points Conducted by Geoffrey Brand recording
2nd. Luton 93 points
3rd. Aldbourne 91 points.
Adjudicator, Rodney Bashford.

1966, Concerts
May 7th. Evening Festival Concert, Tunbridge Wells Contest & May 15th. Cliff Pavillion, Dovercourt

March, The Middy, Alford
Overture, Morning, Noon & Night, Suppe
Whispering Brass, Peter Haysom,
Cornet solo, Facilita, soloist David Allison
Waltz, Morning Papers, Strauss
Themes from Beethoven's Symphony no.1


Slavonic Rhapsody no.2, Friedman,
Little Suite no. 2, Arnold
Rondon from Horn Concerto No.4, Mozart, Euphonium soloist John Luckett
Stardust, Carmichael
The Shipbuilders, Peter Yorke
Abide With Me.

Challenging Brass.
Mention now of yet another of the Band's great contest achievements, winning the Challenging Brass Radio Competition.

Progression of Bands to the Final;

Set Test Pieces;
Round 1;

Programme 1; Scherzo from Little Suite, Arnold
2; Rondo from A Downland Suite, Ireland
3; Music for Brass (mov.1), Wright
4; Tournament for Brass (mov.3), Ball
5; Off The Cuff, Rivers
6; Second Suite (mov.2), Jacob
7; Moorside Suite (mov.3), Holst
8; Kenilworth (march), Bliss.

Round 2;

Programme 1; Pageantry (King's Herald), Howells
2; Scherzo, Boekel
3; Rhapsody In Brass (mov.2), Goffin
4; Epic Symphony (mov.1), Fletcher.

Semi - Finals;

Programmes 1 & 2; Commisioned Work, Peter Yorke.


Challenging Brass, Vinter.

In the 1st. round of the contest on February 11th., Hanwell choose to play;

The Explorers Overture, Yorke
Siciliano from Little Suite, Arnold
March from A Moorside Suite, Holst.

The 2nd. round programme is;

The Buccaneer, Osgood
Rhapsody in Brass (mov.2), Goffin
The Shipbuilders (movs. 3 & 4), Yorke.

On Thursday April 7th., the band arrive at the Faversham Hotel, Springfield Mount in Leeds. The party consists of;
D. Allison, B. Chew, M. Graham, B. Hazlegrove, L. Redstone, A. Faraway, P. Thorne & T. Williams, P. Palmer, C. Hughes, P. Hyland, S. King, F. Bing, D. Jewitt, R. Beesley, K. Harris, J. Luckett, C. Davies, J. Dubois, B. Birchall, G. Groom, R. Norton, T. Evans & B. Williams, T. Collins, L. Bryant, B. Howells, L. Newstead, A. Howard & G. Lock.

On Good Friday, April 8th. at St. George's Hall Bradford, there is a 2pm massed bands rehearsal conducted by Malcolm Arnold. The 2 finalists bands rehearse between 5 & 6pm.
At 6.15pm the doors are open and the live broadcast starts at 6.45pm.
Hanwell Band drew No.1 to play against the Yorkshire Imperial Metals Band and Trevor Walmsly in the final of the BBC Challenging Brass radio contest.
Commencing with David Allison playing the Trumpet Voluntary, they followed with Stardust, Challenging Brass and ended with the Slavonic Rhapsody No.2.

Adjudicators; Harry Mortimer and Captain Rodney Bashford placed Hanwell first and Band went on to play in the Festival Concert conducted by Malcolm Arnold with the massed bands of Cammell Laird, Ransomes, and Yorkshire Imperial Metals.

The programme was;

March, The Middy, Alford
Overture, Rule Britannia, William Rimmer
Nimrod, Elgar
Cornet Carillon, Ronald Binge
Little Suite for Brass, Malcolm Arnold

Engagements 1966.

The Golden Sound.
The following year the Area trophy was returned to the bandroom and the Band recorded a long playing record "The Golden Sound of The Hanwell Band" on Saga Eros records, selling for 13/lld.
Recorded in Walthamstow Town Hall with the sleeve cover photograph taken in the Greenford Hall.
Saga Records was the personal creation of Marcel Rodd and at their height were pressing some 3 million discs a year in a converted chapel in Kensal Rise, North West London.

From the BRITISH BANDSMAN, 30th March, 1968.
"This new 12" disc consists of 11 items of a popular nature. Starting with the march Cottonopolis (Anderson) the Band next plays Lehar's Gold and Silver Waltz. Then comes a delightful fantasia on Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron (Stewart, the nom-de-plume of the late Dr. Denis Wright). Siebert's Hawaiian Samba follows and the side finishes with 76 Trombones (Wilson).
The second side has Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke), Jealousy (Gade), a somewhat shortened version of the Blue Danube Waltz, Stardust, Thunder & Lightning Polka (arr. Wright) and the march Washington Greys (Grafulla).
The playing throughout is good but the performance of Stardust impressed me the most, completely refuting the contention often put forward that brass bands cannot do justice to this type of piece."

New Instruments.
Monday, 30th December, 1968, the Band receive a new complete set of low pitch Besson Instruments. Hard work with the Fund Raising Committee climaxed with a 'no strings' gift of £3000 to the Band by a local industrial firm, made the whole thing possible.
Eric Bravington wrote in the BRITISH BANDSMAN: "We, at Hanwell, are grateful for this visible proof of the place we hold in the esteem of the local community."

Letter to Eric Bravington.

The 1970's.

Area Champions
A brilliant performance of Berlioz's overture The Corsair, earns the Band a placing in the National Finals and their 6th Area Title as London & Southern Counties Champions.
To top this the Band go on to achieve 3rd prize in the Finals at the Royal Albert Hall on Gordon Jacob's fine piece "Pride of Youth".
Eric Bravington was the proud conductor on both occasions.

National Finals, Champion Band of Great Britain
1st. Grimethorpe Colliery, George Thompson, 95 points, drawn no.12
2nd. Ransome Hoffman Pollard, conductor Dennis Masters, 94 points, drawn no. 13
3rd.Hanwell, conductor Eric Bravington, 93 points, drawn no.8.

Adjudicators; Herbert Howells, Drake Rimmer & Eric Ball.

In 1971 an L.P. record is released under the title "Bandstand Brass" on the Stereo Gold Award Label, number MER 343, under the production management of Monty Presky of Damont Records, Hayes, Middlesex. (Copy available).

The programme (sleeve differs from label) is;

The Washington Post, Sousa arranged by L. Muller
Amparito Toca, Texidor arranged by Aubrey Winter
Showers of Gold, Herbert L. Clarke, soloist David Allison
Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet, Tchaikowsky arranged by Geoffrey Brand
The Czech Polka, Strauss arranged by Frank Wright
Hava Nagila, arranged by Edrich Siebert

Side 2.

Marching Trumpets, Frank Seymour arranged by Edrich Siebert
soloists; David Allison, Keith Spiers, Barbara Stone & Keith Dickens
Meditation from Thais, Massenet arranged by Geoffrey Brand
Violin soloist; Rodney Friend
Rondo from Little Suite for Brass, Malcolm Arnold
Pasa Doble, Alicante, Sylvio Ricardo arranged by Charrosin
The Chit Chat Polka, Strauss arranged by Douglas Pope

The album is re-issued in 1976 with a different sleeve under the title Blazing Brass.

Annual Dinner.

Change of Conductor.
Due to heavy schedules with the L.P.O., Eric Bravington hands the baton over to Bryan Birchall as Musical Director. Brian previously played Horn and Solo Baritone with Manchester C.W.S. Band before joining Hanwell on Solo Horn.

Top of the Pops.
"For what is believed to be the first time, a brass band has appeared on the TV programme "Top of the Pops" which has an audience rating of 23 million." Two consecutive appearances were made with the Band backing Peter Skellern on his record "You're a Lady". In two weeks the record rose from No.43 to No.8 in the charts. Planned rehearsals for the National Finals have had to be interrupted as the management of the Band had 24 hours notice with which to get the Band to the studios. The record went on to achieve 3rd position in the charts.
Listen to it here.

Annual Dinner.
Held at the Jolly Gardeners, Isleworth, the 9th Annual Dinner. Special guests include Peter Skellern, the arranger Andrew Pryce Jackman, and record producer Peter Sammes. A gift of a table lighter is made to Eric Bravington to commemorate his recent O.B.E.

That's Life.
The Band record the signature theme for one of the B.B.C.'s most popular television programmes: That's Life, with Esther Rantzen. In addition a week-end of filming with the B.B.C. Units sees the Band on hundreds of feet of film in all locations.

The Band are seen in full view playing a special arrangement of "Happy Birthday" for a peak-time television advert for Champion Sparking Plugs Anniversary.

Early in 1974, Bramwell Tovey is appointed conductor. Bram is a freelance Tuba player with many of the leading London orchestras, and is Principal Conductor of the Concerti Allegri Symphony Orchestra.

September 22nd. Dovercourt Community Centre;

Punchinello, Rimmer
The Corsair Overture, Berlioz
Showers of Gold, Clarke, soloist David Allison
Tenderfoot Trail, Peter Haysom
The Three Tromboneers, Mc. Farlane, soloists; George Groom, Ken Davies & Paul Applegarth.
Symphonic Suite, Lucas.


Bandology, Osterling
Trumpeter's Holiday, Paige, soloists; Fred Croft, Steven Riddler & Keith Spiers
British Sea Songs, Langford
The Entertainer, Joplin
Little Lisa, Warr
And I Love You So, Maclean, soloist; John Luckett
James Cook, Circumnavigator, Gilbert Vinter
Ceramic City Festival, Stuart Johnson.

A similar programme is repeated at the Battle of Britain Club in R.A.F. Uxbridge on November 1st. with the following additions;

Una Voce Poco Fa, Rossini, soloist; David Allison
Rainy Day, B. Tovey, Flugel horn soloist; Philip Embling
West Side Story, Bernstein
The Saints.

At the Hammersmith Own Choice contest on February 17th. the Band are one of five competing in the Open Championship;


1st. Richmond (Watney) conductor Gywnne Price, (drawn 1st.) 194 points on Triumphant Rhapsody by Gilbert Vinter.
2nd. Hanwell conductor Bryan Birchall, 193 points on the same music.
3rd. Aldershot conductor George Prior, 192 points on Essay by Edward Gregson.

The other two competing bands are; Oxted, conductor R. Nicholson (on Prometheus Unbound, Bantock) & Teversal Collieries conductor A. Dinning (on Symphonic Suite, Lucas). Adjudicator; William Skelton.

TV Theme Music.
The band we were in & out of the BBC studios regularly. One of the TV shows we recorded a theme tune for was 'The Growing Pains of PC Penrose'. The story of a daft policeman and his adventures.
Click on the 'multimedia' link on this page and you will see the short intro and here us playing the theme;

At the Area Contest on March 17th. in Watford Town Hall the results were;

1st. Morris Concert, conductor Walter Rees,
2nd. Hendon Band, conductor Don Morrison,
3rd. Newham Band conductor Ron Cooper,
4th. Hanwell Band, conductor Bryan Birchall,
5th. Aldershot Brass, conductor George Prior.

Other competing bands in the Championship Section were; Aveley (Cyril Suckling),Drayton (C. Pike), Hemel Hempstead (D. Chapman), & Richmond (Gwynne Price).
The set test piece was Variations on a Ninth by Gilbert Vinter. The adjudicator was James Langley.

On Sunday, 3rd November 1974, George Thompson awards Hanwell first prize at the Watford Contest after a performance of Le Carnival Romain, giving Bram Tovey his first success with the Band.

1st. Hanwell, conductor Bram Tovey, 193 points on Le Carnival Romain, Berlioz.
2nd. Aveley, conductor Cyril Suckling, 190 points on Embassy Suite, Allan Street.
3rd. Aldershot Brass conductor George Prior, 186 points on Tournament for Brass, Eric Ball.

Other competing bands in the Open Championship Section were; Cawston conductor J. Royston (Shipbuilders, Yorke) Newham conductor Ron Cooper (Rhapsody in Brass, Goffin) & Hemel Hempstead conductor Cliff Jones (same choice).

The Reading Contest follows on November 16th.;

1st. Woodfalls, conductor Courtney Bosanko, 191 points,
2nd. Redbridge Youth conductor John Ridgeon, 189 points,
3rd. Tadley conductor Gordon Saunders, 187 points,
4th. Rogerstone conductor C. Buckley, 184 points.

Non placed bands are; Aldbourne (D. Keene), Aldershot (G. Prior), Hanwell (B. Tovey), Hampshire Youth (John Knight), Mellingriffith (H. White), Mid Rhondda (F. Prior), Pressed Steel Fisher and Yorkley Onward (Brian Howard).
The adjudicators were Arthur Kenny & Captain M. Lane. The set test was Le Carnival Romain Overture, Berlioz.

One week on and the Band are at Leicester in the De Montfort Hall;

1st. William Davis conductor Ian Bartram, 194 points,
2nd. Hanwell conductor Bram Tovey, 192 points,
3rd. Coaville conductor Jon Hall, 191 points.

Other competing bands are; Aveley (Cyril Suckling), Bedworth (Phil Cooper), Cinderford (C. Chappell), City of Coventry "B" (Albert Chappell), Desford Colliery (Ernest Woodhouse), Drayton (C. Pike), Harton & Westoe (R. White), Hemel Hempstead (Cliff Jones), Kibworth (Paul Wright), Lindley (James Hickman), Newham (Ron Cooper), Rochdale (Norman Ashcroft), Rushden Temperance (R. Howard), Shirland (Doug Carlin), Shirley (Hugh Watkins) & Thoresby (William Lippeatt).
The set test piece was Rhapsody In Brass, Goffin. The adjudicator was William Relton.


22nd February, 1975. The wedding of Soprano Cornet Fred Croft and Cornet player Margaret Chapman is held at Greenford Baptist Church. A group from the Band provides the music which includes Wagner's Bridal March, the cornet solo Alleluja (Mozart) played by David Allison, and ending with Mendelssohn's Wedding March.

Pre - record of Friday Night Is Music Night, Tuesday, 4th. March for transmission on Friday, 28th. March.
The Hippodrome, Golders Green.
Band items; Bandology, Osterling, Spanish Flea, arr. Bram Tovey, Little Lisa, Warr & Napoleon Galop, Brianne.

On April 27th. the Band travel to Grosvenor Studios in Birmingham to record an L.P. on the Hollick & Taylor Label. (Copy available).

The programme recorded is;

Toccata, Leighton Lucas
Le Carnival Romain Overture, Berlioz arranged by Frank Wright
Four Preludes for Tuba, Philip Greenwood, soloist Bram Tovey, conductor Bryan Birchall

Side 2

Florentina March, Fucik arranged by Barsotti
Quid Pro Quo, Eric Ball, soloists; David Allison, Michael Blake & Steven Riddler (cornets)
Ken Davies, George Groom & Paul Applegarth (trombones)
Big Spender, Cy Coleman arranged by Philip Greenwood
Napoli, Herman Bellstedt, soloist David Allison
Fantasy on British Sea Songs, Langford

Guest Soprano on the recording is Roy Roe. The album is made especially for the Band's first venture abroad, to Switzerland from
June 18th. - 28th.

Principal Cornets.

Following the departure of David Allison, Chris Joynes is appointed Principal Cornet after winning the Alex Owen Scholarship. At the end of the year his place is taken by Michael Blake who plays on their next contest appearance.

At the Area Contest in Watford Town Hall, March 16th. Journey Into Freedom by Eric Ball is the set test piece for the Championship Section.

1st. Hendon Band, conductor Don Morrison, 193 points
2nd. Morris Concert, conductor Walter Rees, 192 points
3rd. Luton Band, conductor Walter Hargreaves, 191 points
4th. Hanwell, conductor Bram Tovey, 190 points.

Other competing bands are; Aldershot (George Prior), Aveley (Cyril Suckling), City of Oxford (D. Lewis), Drayton (C. Pike), Hemel Hempstead (Cliff Jones), Newham (Ron Cooper) & Oxford Concert (Cliff Edmunds).
The adjudicator was William Relton.

Pre - record of Friday Night Is Music Night, Thursday, 15th. May for later transmission.
Maida Vale Studio 1.
Band items; Florentina March, Fucik, Napoli, cornet solo, Chicken Reel & Mock Morris, Quid Pro Quo, Eric Ball & Punchinello, Rimmer.

Live recording of Friday Night Is Music Night, Friday 25th. July. The Hippodrome Golders Green.
Band items; Old Comrades, Teike, The Girl I Left Behind Me, arr. Langford, African Waltz, arr. Greenwood, Showers of Gold, soloist David Allison, To A Wild Rose, Macdowell, March Cottonopolis, Anderson.

Pre - record of Friday Night Is Music Night, Monday October 27th. for transmission on Friday 31st. October.
The Hippodrome Golders Green. Band items; Liberty Bell, Sousa, I Will Drink The Wine, arr. Croft & Shepherd's Hey, Grainger.

Greenford Hall, Thursday October 23rd.

African Waltz, arr. Greenwood
Le Roi D'ys Overture, Lalo
Mancini Magic, arr. Street
Valse Brilliante, Windsor, soloist Chris Joynes
Spanish Flea, arr. Tovey
Say Ye Who Borrow, Mozart arr. Street, Flugel Horn Phil Embling
Quid Pro Quo, Eric Ball
Shepherd's Hey, Grainger.


Cottonopolis March, Anderson
Four Preludes For Tuba & Band, Philip Greenwood, soloist Bram Tovey, conductor Brian Birchall
Lisbon Carnival, Vinter
The Acrobat, Greenwood, soloist Stan Willis
The Girl I Left Behind Me, arr. Langford
Pel Mel, Hogarth Lear
Hootenanny, Walters
The Saints, arr. Langford.

Reading Festival, 15th November, 1975.

1st. Burton Construction Newhall, conductor Ernest Woodhouse, 189 points
2nd. Hanwell, conductor Bram Tovey, 188 points
3rd. Luton Band, conductor Walter Hargreaves, 187 points
4th. Woodfalls, conductor Courtney Bosanko, 183 points.

Other competing bands; Aldbourne (D. Keene), Coalville (Jon Hall), Hampshire Youth (John Knight), Hemel Hempstead (Cliff Jones), Kibworth (J. Mason), Markham & District (D. Hendy), Newham (Ron Cooper), Oxford Concert (Cliff Edmunds), Ransomes (G. Tomlinson), Rogerstone (S. Mitchell), Sherbourne Town (A. Davies), Soundwell, (Arthur Kenny) & Tadley (Gordon Saunders).
The set test piece was Le Roi D'ys Overture, Lalo.The adjudicators were Ken Dennison & Captain R. Ridings.

Barbara Mealing is appointed Principal Cornet and George Prior, Conductor of Aldershot Brass is guest conductor at the Milton Keynes Entertainments Contest in February. (The adjudicator is Eric Bravington !)

Milton Keynes Entertainments, 15th. February.

1st. Tadley Band, conductor Gordon Saunders, 182 points
2nd. Oxford Concert, conductor Cliff Edmunds, 181 points
3rd. City of Oxford, conductor D. Lewis, 180 points.

Other competing bands were; Aveley (Cyril Suckling), Hanwell (George Prior), Hemel Hempstead (Cliff Jones), Leicester Foresters (E. Massey), Luton (Walter Hargreaves), & Rushden Windmill (W. Scholes).
The first movement of Rhapsody In Brass (Goffin) was played by all bands in their programme.

Alan Wilson, Soprano, is appointed Resident Conductor after the departure of Bram Tovey, following his appointment as assistant conductor of the London Festival Ballet.

Area Contest.
Seeing the need for a Professional Conductor to secure the area title again, the Band obtain the services of Ifor James, conductor of Besses o' the Barn Band, and Horn soloist of the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble.
The combination of Alan and Ifor is rewarded with a first prize on Vinter's Spectrum with Alan Wilson taking on Principal Cornet at the last minute.

1st. Hanwell conductor Ifor James, 186 points
2nd. Hendon Band conductor Don Morrison, 185 points
3rd. Luton Band conductor Walter Hargreaves, 182 points
4th. Aldershot Brass conductor George Prior, 181 points.

Other competing bands were; Aveley (Cyril Suckling), Cambridge (David Read), City of Oxford (D. Lewis), Drayton (C. Pike), Hemel Hempstead (Cliff Jones), Morris Concert (Walter Rees), Newham (Ron Cooper), Oxford Concert (Cliff Edmunds) & Southsea (Fred Monk).
The adjudicator was Arthur Kenny.

Popular bandsman Bryan Birchall leaves Hanwell to assist Geoffrey Brand as Bandmaster at G.U.S. in Kettering. Bryan also takes on Solo Baritone.

Live recording of Friday Night is Music Night, April 2nd. The Hippodrome Golders Green.
Band items; Galop from Suite No.2, Arnold, Dashing Away, Stewart & Jamaican Folk Suite.


The Royal Academy of Music, Thursday, 3rd June 1976. Conductor: Ifor James, soloist: Philip Eastop, Horn.
Items include:
Spectrum, Gilbert Vinter
Chromascope, Paul Patterson
Concerto for Horn, Edward Gregson
Variations for Brass, Vaughan Williams.

At Lansdowne Studios the band were once again featured on backing tracks. The first of 2 sides were recorded with John Christie, Here's To Love and For The Peace of all Mankind, the second 2 sides were with John Clive, Hollywood Hero and Windows of Paris. Of the 4 tracks, Here's to Love was the only chart record and one which still gets heard each Christmas with it's backing tune of Auld Lang Syne.
Other records were made under the title of The New World Brass Band including "Theme From A New World " and "Love In The Park", both arranged and conducted by Andrew Pryce - Jackman, and produced by Jeff Jarratt and Don Reedman, through Carlin Music Ltd. And Pye Records.
Our other famous record was of course, The Floral Dance with Terry Wogan on vocals. Side 2 was a ballad entitled "Old Rockin' Chair". Both were once again arranged and conducted by Andrew and produced by Mike Redway of Redrock Music.
Released on the Philips label, it reached number 3 in the charts. Listen to it here.

Broadcast on 20th. July on Radio 3, Among Your Souvenirs.
Band items; Aberystwyth, Parry, Panis Angelicus, Franck & Early One Morning, Seymour.

Pre - record for later transmission, same programme.
Band items; Chanson De Matin, Elgar, Hyfrydol Hymn, Parade of the Tin Soldiers, Jessel & British Grenadiers, arr. Bill Rumford.
Conducted by Brian Birchall.

The Hanwell Festival Series, 27th. September, conductor Alan Willson.

Army of the Nile, Alford
Fingal's Cave Overture, arr. George Thompson
The Lazy Trumpeter, soloist Barbara Mealin
Fiddler On The Roof, arr. Street
Air & Rondo, horn soloist George Nicklin
Deux Grotesques, Picon
Spring, Grieg
The Girl I Left Behind Me, arr. Langford.


Prelude for An Occasion, Gregson
Force Of Destiny Overture, Verdi
Angel Guard Thee, trombone soloist Stan Willis
Chanson De Matin, Elgar
Endearing Young Charms, arr. Langford, soloist Charley Brighton
Blow The Wind Southerly, arr. Langford
Waltzing Matilda, arr. Langford
Hymn, Hyfrydol
West Country Fantasy, arr. Langford.

At the National Finals in October of that year, Ifor James is unavailable and Tony Randall is booked to conduct the band. A disappointing 17th. place out of 21 (though only 1 point below G.U.S.) is given by adjudicators Noel Cox, Eric Bravington & Rodney Bashford.
Below us in the table are; AMOCO, C.W.S. Manchester, Whitburn & Dalmellington. The test piece was the Wayfarer by Eric Ball.

Sunday, 7th November, Watford Town Hall. The Band achieves a four point win at Watford Own Choice with Eric Ball's "The Wayfarer" conducted by Donald Morrison, of Hendon Band.

1st. Hanwell conductor Don Morrison, 188 points
2nd. City of Coventry 'B' Band conductor Edward Massey, 184 points, on John O' Gaunt, by Vinter
3rd. Leicester Foresters conductor Robert Coates, 181 points, on Prometheus Unbound by Bantock.

Other competing bands are; Oxford Concert (Cliff Edmunds) on Journey Into Freedom by Eric Ball and Southampton Central (W. Buchan) no test piece details.

Greenford Hall, 3rd December, 1976. Guest Conductor: Barbara Stone.
Following this concert Barbara accepts the position of Musical Director to Hanwell. Previously she had been a member of the Solo Cornet bench and conducted the Band to a first at Leicester in the late 60's when Eric Bravington was unavailable.

Jesus Christ Superstar, arr. Gentry
Orpheus in the Underworld Overture, Offenbach
Square Dance, Jim Parker
Hailstorm, soloist Barbara Mealin
Chicken Reel, Daly
Little Serenade, Tomlinson
South Pacific, arr.Wright.


Sousa on Parade, arr. Wright
West Country Fantasy, arr. Langford
Rondo from Concerto no. 4, Mozart, soloist John Luckett
The Padstow Lifeboat, Arnold
Waltzing Matilda, arr. Langford
Hootenanny, Walters.

Television Broadcast.
December. The Band provide the theme music for the B.B.C.TV's Panorama programme. The programme featured Welsh Steel Mills and two versions are recorded. The Assistant Editor of the programme, David Harrison worked with the Band throughout.

David Allison returns as Principal Cornet.

Hammersmith Own Choice Contest.

1st. Aveley conductor Cyril Suckling, 188 points playing Variations for Brass, Vaughan Williams
2nd. Leicester Foresters conductor Robert Coates, 187 points playing The Frogs, Bantock
3rd. Redbridge conductor Ray Farr, 186 points playing Challenging Brass, Vinter
4th. City of Coventry 'B' conductor Edward Massey, 185 points playing John O' Gaunt, Vinter
Equal 5th. Hanwell conductor Barbara Stone, 184 points playing Variations, Vaughan Williams & Croydon Band conductor A. Jarvis playing Variations on a Ninth, Vinter
Adjudicator David Read.

Quartets & Septets
A few weeks later and a group of parties set out for Horsham Quartet and Septet contest where we fielded 3 quartets and 1 septet.

Quartet A was Keith Spears and Mick Blake (cornets), Dave Young (horn) and myself, playing Quartet for Brass by American Arthur Frackenpohl, and conducted by Alan Bray.
Quartet B
was Stuart Kirk and Eileen O'Sullivan (cornets), Philip Cleave (horn) and Alan Bray (euphonium), playing Vinter's Elegy & Rondo and conducted by myself.
Quartet C
were the basses, Len Bryant & Greg Hayes (E flat) with Len Newstead and Roy Beesley (B flat) playing Introduction & Rondino by Kenneth Cook, conducted by Alan once again.
For the septet contest we borrowed Bruce Gentry's arrangement of Russlan & Ludmilla, beating Aldershot on it ! The septet consisted of Keith Spiers, Stuart Kirk (cornets), Dave Young (horn), Alan Bray (baritone), myself on euphonium, Paul Applegarth (bass trombone) and Len Bryant (E flat bass), conducted by Greg Hayes. Adjudicator Walter Reese gave the A quartet 3rd. prize and the septet 1st.

Area Contest
A second successive win at Watford Qualifying Round gives Barbara Stone her first invitation to the Finals with Hanwell. With a remarkable performance of Howell's Pageantry, the Band take a two point lead over Oxford Concert Brass.

1st. Hanwell conductor Barbara Stone, 182 points
2nd. Oxford Concert conductor Cliff Edmunds, 180 points
3rd. Luton conductor Lyn Morgan, 180 points
4th. Solent Youth conductor Wesley Garner, 178 points.

Other competing bands were; Aldershot (George Prior), Aveley (Cyril Suckling), Cambridge (David Read), Drayton (C. Pike), Hendon (Don Morrison) & Newham (Ron Cooper).
The adjudicators were Ken Dennison & Jon Hall.

Grays, Thurrock, April 24th.
A second place secured on Vinter's Variations on a Ninth.

1st. Aveley conductor Cyril Suckling, playing Pageantry, Howells
2nd. Hanwell conductor Barbara Stone, playing Variations on a Ninth, Vinter
3rd. Newham conductor Ron Cooper, playing Pageantry, Howells
4th. Croydon conductor Alf Jarvis, playing Variations on a Ninth, Vinter.
Adjudicator Derek Broadbent

Original Brass
Also at this time, David Smith, a good friend of the band formed the Original Brass using players mostly from Hanwell & Enfield bands but did include Phil Humphries, trombonist with the Andy Ross Big Band. Several concerts were given using David's fine arrangements.
One in particular was with saxophonist Betty Smith and band leader and arranger Jack Peberdey with the Tony Lee Trio. A recording was made featuring Bobby Orr on drums (Ex Ted Heath) and included the track Pete Kelly's Blues.

Lancing Bagnall.
A third place was won at the first ever Lansing Bagnall Brass Band Festival, Basingstoke, Saturday, 30th April.

1st. Burton Construction, 193 points
2nd. Rochdale Band, 190 points
3rd. Hanwell Band, 188 points
4th. Lockwood Band, 186 points.

Other competing bands; Hampshire Concert, Tredegar, Aldershot, Hendon, Aldbourne, Rogerstone, Solent Youth, Shirley, Woodfalls & Newham.
The adjudicator was Eric Ball. The set test piece was Variations on a Ninth, Vinter.

Silver Jubilee.

The Royal Albert Hall 12th June, 1977 TheRoyal Silver Jubilee Massed Bands Concert.

Black Dyke Mills
Fairey Engineering Works
Fodens Motor Works
Morris Motors.
Conducted by Harry Mortimer and Walter Susskind.

Fanfare For A Dignified Occasion, Bliss
Yeoman of The Guard Overture, Sullivan
Prelude to Revelry, Jacob
Skye Boat Song, arr. Rimmer
Concerto for Cornet & Band, Dennis Wright, soloist Philip Mc.Cann
Comedy Overture, Ireland
Vivat Regina, Mathias.


Little Suite for Brass, Arnold
The Severn Suite, Elgar
The Dover Coach, featuring cornets
Grandfather's Clock, featuring euphoniums
Trombola, featuring trombones
Rhapsody on Negro Sprituals, Ball
Music From The Elizabethan Court, arr. Howarth
Fantasy on British Marches, arr. Langford.

Live broadcast for Friday Night is Music Night, June 17th.
The Hippodrome Golders Green. Band items; By Royal Command, Walters, Trombola (soloists Graham Dutton, George Groom & Paul Applegarth), & Fandango, Perkins.

Bournemouth Town Hall, July 10th.

Prelude to Pageantry, Ball
Royal Salute, Ball
Orpheus in the Underworld, Offenbach
The Watermill, soloist David Allison
Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals, Ball
Air from Suite in D, Bach
To A Wild Rose, soloist John Luckett
Pageantry, Howells.


Jesus Christ Superstar, arr. Gentry
West Country Fantasy, arr. Langford
Melody & Caprice, trombone soloist Graham Dutton
Fandango, Perkins
Blow The Wind Southerly, arr. Langford
African Waltz, arr. Greenwood
Big Spender, arr. Greenwood
Toccata from Suite Gothique, Boellman.

A Day at the Races.
August, 1977. The Band play an afternoon of music at Sandown Racecourse as guests of the Trafalgar House Group.

Wednesday, 14th September, 1977. Delaney Studio, Engineers Way, Wembley. Artist: Annie Aslam Producer: Roy Wood (Wizard) Arranger: Louis Clark.

National Finals
The band are drawn no. 8 and are unplaced on Gregson's Connotations. Eric Bravington receives an inscribed silver salver by Malcolm Williamson, Master of The Queen's Music, at the Royal Albert Hall, in the Spotlight on Service ceremony. A fanfare is provided on stage by cornet & trombone members of the Hanwell Band.

Hanwell Festival
October 16th. The opening service at St. Mary's Church, Hanwell, Preacher; The Abbot of Ealing.
Band items; Cwm Rhondda, Diadem, St.Clements, Eventide, Praise My Soul, Nimrod, Suite in D & All In The April Evening.

Watford Town Hall Own Choice, November 6th.

1st. Hanwell, conductor Barbara Stone, 187 points playing Connotations, Gregson
2nd. Towcester Studio, conductor William Scholes, 185 points playing Resurgam, Ball
3rd. Kibworth Band, conductor William Scholes, 180 points playing Festival Music, Ball

Other competing bands; Enfield Co-Op (C. Randall), Southampton Central (W. Buchan) & City of Coventry 'B' (Edward Massey).
The adjudicator was Dennis Masters and David Allison won the trophy for best cornet player.

At the Winston Festival back at the Alexandra Palace, we entered 3 soloists, 2 quartets and an ensemble. This contest always drew good players and this years line up included Gareth Pritchard (cornet, Stanshawe), Linda Nicholson (cornet, Oxted) and Eric Capron (soprano, Luton). Adjudicator David Read placed me 2nd. in the slow melody section (Lento, Horovitz Concerto) but I have no record of the air varie entry.
The two quartets we entered were the A team; Keith Spiers & Mick Blake on cornets, Karen Williams on horn and myself, conducted by Barbara and playing Quartet for Brass by Arthur Frackenpohl.
The B team was Stuart Kirk & Eileen O' Sullivan on cornets, Phil Cleave on horn and Alan Bray on euphonium playing Fancy's Knell Vinter), conducted by myself.
The results were the B team placed 3rd. with the A team 8 points behind! The ensemble won 1st. prize playing Bruce Gentry's arrangement of the Russlan & Ludmilla overture conducted by Barbara.

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