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November 12th. 2018

2018 sees the 28th. year of Free Lunchtime Concerts
at St.Mary's Parish Church, Church Street, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1PJ

Every Saturday at 12 noon - 12.30, with refreshments available after each concert.
Just 20 minutes by train from the centre of London!

Facts & figures for the past year at St. Maryís;
In 2017, 52 concerts were given by a total of 34 individual performers, 20 of which were male and 14 female.
There were 5 choirs and 2 ensembles449 pieces of music were played to a total audience of 2648 raising £4,253 for Church funds.
We thank you for your support and look forward to it continuing in 2018.

Memorial Plate Award
John Burrows died on Thursday, November 14th. 2002. Every year a memorial plaque is awarded to an oustanding performer of the
Saturday lunchtime concerts at St. Mary's in memory of John.
In 2010 the name of Joe Miserendino was added as a tribute to a wonderful composer/friend of these concerts.
In the past, the award has been presented as follows;

2002 Neil Benson, clarinet
2003 Roger Lyon, bass
2004 Keith Bosley, piano
2005 Mark Robbins, violin
2006 Beryl & George Bond
2007 Sheila & Brian Neal
2008 Henry Macey, organ
2009 Father Andrew Allen
2010 David Butler, organ
2011 Jonathan Rowe
2012 James Paget
2013 Robert Walker
2014 Mrs. Bridget Smith
2015 Chorate Chamber Choir
2016 Carole Sevestre, piano
2017 Ruth & Neil Venus, vocal and piano


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Concerts in 2018

Concerts in November 2018
17th. Charley Brighton Euphonium with Malcolm Stowell, piano & organ
24th.Ian May, organ

Concerts in December 2018
1st. Malcolm Stowell, organ
8th. Seasonal Concert featuring Local Artists
15th. Christmas Concert conducted by David Butler
22nd. James Paget, organ
29th. Malcolm Stowell, organ

Concerts in 2019

Concerts in January 2019
5th. Anthony Gritten, organ
12th. Waltham Madrigals conducted by Simon Shaw
19th. Ian May, organ
26th. Carole Sevestre, piano

Concerts in February 2019
2nd. Catherine Leonard, piano
9th. Henry Macey, organ
16th. Jonathan Rowe, piano
23rd. Charley Brighton, Euphonium, Malcolm Stowell, piano & organ

Concerts in March 2019
2nd. David Oldfield, organ
9th. Chorate Chamber Choir, conductor Nigel Wills
16th. David Butler, organ
23rd. tba
30th. Gary Jordan, classical guitar

Concerts in April 2019
6th. Thea Cramp, flute with Peter Arnold, piano
13th. Jonathan Rowe, piano
20th. The Opus 4 Saxophone Quartet
27th. Songs from the Shows 8, Charley Brighton & Malcolm Stowell

Concerts in May 2019
4th. Catherine Leonard, piano
11th. Chorate Chamber Choir, conductor Nigel Wills
Please note change of start time for this next concert only: 11.00am - 12.15pm
18th. Caldicott School Presentation
25th. Euphonium Recital, Charley Brighton with Malcolm Stowell, piano & organ

Concerts in June 2019
1st. tba
8th. The Cameo Consort, lead by Ian May
15th. Carole Sevestre, piano
22nd. Songs from the Shows 9, Charley Brighton & Malcolm Stowell
29th. Gary Jordan, classical guitar

Concerts in July 2019
6th. tba
13th. David Oldfield, organ
20th. Waltham Madrigals, conductor Simon Shaw
27th. Jonathan Rowe, piano

Concerts in August 2019
3rd. Catherine Leonard, piano
10th. Paul Carr, organ
17th. Charley Brighton, Euphonium with Malcolm Stowell, piano & organ
24th. tba
31st. tba

Concerts in September 2019
7th. David Butler, organ
14th. Piano Duets, Henry Macey & David Darby
21st. The Cameo Consort
28th. David Oldfield, organ

Concerts in October 2019
5th. Anthony Gritten, organ
12th. Chorate Chamber Choir conducted by Nigel Wills
19th. Catherine Leonard, piano
26th. Jonathan Rowe, piano

Concerts in November 2019
2nd. tba
9th. tba
16th. Euphonium Recital, Charley Brighton with Malcolm Stowell, piano & organ
23rd. Ian May, organ
30th. tba

Concerts in December 2019
7th. Henry Macey, organ
14th. tba
21st. tba
28th. tba

(*As of May 2017)

  • David Abrahams, Andrew Adams, Aishling Agnew, Hannah Allchin-Kolyzska, Brenda Arnold Day, Rebecca Avern

  • David Baker, Peter Bale, Andrew Barratt, Samantha Beck, Rebecca Bell, Neil Benson, Allan Berry, Franas Birch, Sally Blonet, Julia Booker, David Border, Keith Bosley, Theresa Boundy, Daniela Boyd-Waters, Charley Brighton, Susan Brighton, Colin Bromelow, Mariko Brown, Stephen Brown, Iain Brunt, Andrew Buchanan, Guy Bunce, Louise Bunce, Carla Burgess, Felicity Burrell, John Burrows, David Butler
  • Ivor Caley, John Campbell, Shuann Chai, Jamie Chandler, Raymond Charlton, Sandy Chenery, Geoffrey Chew, Steven Christmas, Christopher Cipkin, Sandy Clare, Relf Clark, Richard Coltart, David Colthup, John Coombs, Thea Cramp, Jean Coward, Michael Crowther
  • David Darby, Guy Davis, Sally Day, Ron Denman, Tony Dickinson, Stephen Dilley, Eleanor Dunsdon, Martin Dunsdon, Susan Dunsdon
  • Christiane Edel, Naomi Edemarian, David Edwards, Jacqui Edwards, Marilyn Elliot, David Elliot-Smith, Mark Ellis, Rosie Ellis
  • Frances Faulkner, Yu-Fen Lin, Elissa Field, Biranda Ford, Susan Fowler, Nigel Fox, Robert Fone, Elizabeth French, Anthea Fry, Valerie Fry
  • Roxana Galasean, Nadia Giliova, Elaine Goodman, Sally-Ann Goodworth, ChloŽ Goulding, Kate Grace, Sebastian Grand, Emma Grimsey, Antony Gritten
  • John Halsey, Joanna Hamilton, Corrinna Hang, Martin Harman, Jennifer Harper-Jones, Jeanette Hartley, Bella Hartmann, Martin Harvey, Laura Hay, Shola Hector, Joanna Henwood, Feargus Hetherington, Lara Heywood, Christine Hoare, Helen Hobson, Janis Holmes, Ruth Hopkins, Rosemary Hopkinson, Alison Horriben, Andrew Horton, Jessica Horwitz, Thuy Houang, Robin Howles, John Humphries, Robert Hunter
  • David Iggleden, Matthew Ingram, Graham Ireland
  • Philip Jaquest, David Jewell, Kate Jewell, Matthew Jewell, Michael Jewell, Samuel Jewell, Sylvia Jewell, Gareth Jones, Graham Jones, Gary Jordan
  • Miyuki Kato, Christopher Kent, Ben Kearsley, Antonia King, Rebecca Kistler
  • Robin Langdon, Karen Larkin, Annabelle Lawson, Catherine Leonard, Hannah Lewin, Yu-Fen Lin, Eileen Lock, Robin Lock, Steven Lock, Paulina Lubez, Tara Lynch, Roger Lyon
  • Helen Macey, Henry Macey, Alan Mann, Robert Marsh, Nicholas Martin, Ian May, Tony McAlden, Matthew McAllister, Joyce McAvoy, Edward McCall, William McDonald, Christopher Mead, Matthew Miell, Elizabeth Mikellides, Damien Miles, Karen Miles, John Money, James Mooney-Dutton, Mary-Clare Morris, Eros Mungal, Lauren Murtagh, Roger Musson
  • Brian Neal
  • Margareta O'Connell, David Oldfield, Catherine Orton, Michael Orton, Tony Osbourne, Fumi Otsuki
  • The Queen's Six, James Paget, Tim Parker, Andrew Piggott, Susan Piggot, Eileen Pinkarchevski, Elizabeth Povey, Lilla Price
  • Matthew Ratclffe, Richard Ratcliff, Len Rawle, George Reid, Paul Rickard, Mark Robbins, Matt Ross, Maddy Ross-Malson, Jonathan Rowe, Charlotte Rowland
  • Mari Sakata, Gillian Salmon, Satu Salo, Emma Sanerkin, Teilhard Scott, Alex Seedhouse, Carole Sevestre, Phillip Shannon, Sonia Sidhu, Edward Small, Martin Smith, Emma Sparrow, Jonathan Sproule, Stacey Starr, Fritz Steiger, Tamara Stein, Ian Stewart, Elaine Stowell, Gerald Stowell, Malcolm Stowell
  • David Taylor, Louise Taylor, John Tebbit, Graeme Thewlis, Michael Thomas, Kate Thulborn, Peter Toye, Benjamin Tubb, Donna Tubb, Maija Tuomi-Nikula
  • Peter Vaughan, Alessandro Viale, Neil Venus
  • David Wade, Richard Wade, John Walker, Suzie Walker, Hannah Watson, Christine Wells, Andrew West, Richard West, Philip Wharton, Douglas Whates, James White, Lorna White, Stuart Wild, Jessica Wilding, Libby Wilding, Audrey Williams, Lucy Williams, Louise Willis, Paul Willis, Stephen Willis, Dennis Wise, Roy Woodhams, Jennifer Woolashin, Louise Wright, Naomi Wright

  • Berkhamsted Young Musicians, Brian Neal Light Jazz Trio
  • Caldicott Boy's School Choir, Cameo Consort, Capriccioso Low Brass Quartet, Celebration Brass Ensemble, Chorate Chamber Choir
  • East Berkshire Branch of The Society of Recorder Players
  • Freedom Brass, Forest Voices Chamber Choir, Freedom Brass Ensemble
  • Imperial Piano Trio
  • Little Phoebe Brass Quintet, London Welsh Camerata
  • Marysyas Trio, Monday Madrigalists
  • Neil Benson Trio
  • Priory School Chamber Choir
  • Reading Minster Mid-Week Choir, Rutgers University Chorus, USA
  • Salem Trio, St. John's Choir Farnham Common
  • Voices Anon, Voices in Harmony
  • Windsor Brass Collective, Windsor Festival Brass

  • The C.D. of recordings live from St. Mary's.

    Track 1; Englandís Glory, Nigel Ogden, Malcolm Stowell, organ.
    Track 2; Danse, Claude Debussy, In memoriam, John Burrows (d. 14/11/2002) piano.
    Track 3; Bird Song at Eventide, music by Eric Coates, lyrics by Roydon Barrie, Roger Lyon, bass, with Malcolm Stowell, piano.
    Track 4; Aka Tombo (Red Dragonfly), Kosaku Yamada, arranged by Philip Kim, Charley Brighton and Malcolm Stowell, piano.
    Track 5; Intermezzo (Forget-Me-Not), Allan Macbeth arranged by Alfred J. Eyre, Ian Stewart, organ.
    Track 6; The Girl With The Flaxen Hair, Debussy, The Windsor Festive Brass Quintet.
    Track 7; Toccata, movement 4 of Suite Gothique, Leon Boellmann, Henry Macey, organ
    Track 8; Hereís That Rainy Day & Love is Lovelier (the second time around), Johnny Burke & Jimmy Van Heusen, Peter Vaughan, piano
    Track 9; All In The April Evening, Hugh Roberton, The Capriciosso Low Brass Quartet.
    Track 10; Trumpet Voluntary, Gordon Young, Louise Willis, organ.
    Track 11; Organ duet; Fugue in D minor, Johann Kellner, played by Malcolm Stowell & Louise Willis.
    Track 12; Gratias Ago, Guy Bunce, Louise Taylor, flute and Guy Bunce, piano.
    Track 13; Meditation, Frank Bridge, Mark Robbins, violin, with Guy Bunce, piano.
    Track 14; Elsaís Procession To The Cathedral, from Lohengrin, Richard Wagner, The Celebration Brass Ensemble & Malcolm Stowell, organ.

    Programme compiled by Malcolm Stowell.Recorded and mastered by Charley Brighton & Mark Robbins.
    For orders, Email us here.

    Live Recordings from St. Mary's;
    Played by Charley Brighton, Euphonium, with Malcolm Stowell, Piano. Click

    The Rutgers University Chorus from Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.
    with their conductor John Floreen visted St. Mary's for a wonderful concert.

    Celebration Brass commenced the proceedings with Fantasia by John Wilbye, as a double brass choir at opposite ends of St. Mary's Church.
    Charley Brighton was the featured euphonium soloist with Malcolm Stowell on piano, in two numbers from West Side Story, Maria & Tonight.
    Organ recitals were given by Malcolm Stowell, Louise Willis and Brenda Arnold Day (U.S.A.). Brass and choir closed the first half of the concert in special arrangement of Elsa's Procession to the Minster, from Lohengrin, by Wagner. The finale to the concert was the combined forces of band, choir & organ in Gerre Hancock's Song to the Lamb and Vaughan Williams Old Hundredth, conducted by John Floreen.
    The featured brass players were; Soprano cornet, Robin Lock, Flugel Horns, Eileen Lock & Shirley Drake, Baritones, Susan Vel & Kate Thulborn, Euphonium, Andrew Barratt & Tuba, David Elliott-Smith.

    An amazing concert of classical guitar music was given byMatthew Mc.Allister

    About the Concerts.

    In January 1990, Malcolm Stowell (Chairman of the Windsor & District Organists' Association and Organist & Choirmaster at St. Mary's Parish Church), founded the popular series of lunchtime concerts.

    Malcolm Stowell at the controls of the mighty instrument of Christchurch Priory.

    Over the years, he has established a close relationship with local artists and produced a thriving programme of weekly Saturday recitals.
    These live events take an informal, enlightening and, above all, entertaining approach to music making.
    Concerts are held every Saturday in St. Mary's Parish Church at 12 noon and usually last about 35 minutes. The concerts are free of charge, although we are always grateful for donations towards refreshments or Church funds.
    Artists can undertake an entire programme or just one or two items. Either way, recitals can be designed to suit a performer's repertoire. Malcolm is always delighted to discuss a musician's particular area of interest and build an entertaining programme that meets everyone's needs. Interested ? A few bookings are still available. Call Malcolm Stowell on 01628 660651.

    Malcolm Stowell wins Mayor's Arts Award
    On Thursday, April 29th. 2005 at a ceremony held at the Thames Valley University, Slough, Mayor Laurie Gleeson presented the 2004 Arts Award to Malcolm in recognition of his services to music in Slough.

    Members of St. Mary's were present at the awards ceremony as well.

    About the Organ.

    The present organ in St. Mary's is situated in the north transept, and was built in 1912 by Norman & Beard Ltd. The specification was drawn up by Sir Walter Parratt (then organist of St. George's Chapel, Windsor), who gave the opening recital. The organ was paid for by James Elliman, who regarded it as his " particular gift to the Parish Church ".

    The organ has 3 manuals and pedals. The action is Tubular Pneumatic throughout. The Thumb Pistons are also controlled by Tubular Pneumatic Action, but the Foot Pistons are Exhaust Pneumatic Action. An unusual feature of this organ is that the key transmission has a charge action as opposed to exhaust action, which is very rare for organs built by this firm. The organ has 37 speaking stops and 9 couplers, and has over 2400 speaking pipes ranging in size from 16 feet to 1/4 inch speaking length.
    In 1968 the organ was taken down and extensively cleaned, with some re - leathering to the action and stop mechanism. Some tonal revisions were made at this time. The Swell 6 rank and Great 4 rank composition mixtures were revised. Two new stops were added to the Choir Organ, Nazard and Tierce, in place of the Dulciana and Open Diapason.
    The Swell reeds and Open Diapason are on high pressure. The flue chorus to the Great, like the rest of the organ, is brightly voiced, the flutes to the Swell and Great being round in timbre. The Choir flutes and mutations are bright in texture and essential to modern - day repertoire. The Swell reeds are superbly voiced and are one of the most striking features of the organ, matching in quality the William Hill organ in Eton College Chapel. The Pedal Organ lacks upper work but has a powerful Violone, Ophicleide, Open Diapason and Octave which contrast with the soft Flute and Bordun, blending well with single strings or sustaining a semi - flue chorus to manuals.
    The pitch is "French Diapason Normal", being slightly lower than the present day concert pitch.

    During the past few years more re- leathering work has taken place, with further work necessary to keep the organ up to standard. A new 3 - phase electric blower was installed in 1985, owing to the original single - phase blower being unable to sustain power to the full organ.
    This organ is a splendid example of the English "Romantic" style of building and it can cope with any period of the organ repertoire, being a fine instrument for both accompaniment and concert performances.

    Manuals CC - C 61 notes
    Pedals CCC - F 30 notes

    Swell Organ (Enclosed).
    Liblich Bordun 16'
    Open Diapason 8'
    Rohrflote 8'
    Viol 8'
    Voix Celeste 8'
    Octave Geigen 4'
    Flageolet 2'

    Mixture VI ranks.
    Double Trumpet 16'
    Hautboy 8'
    Horn 8'
    Clarion 4'
    Swell Octave
    Swell Sub - Octave

    Great Organ.
    Double Open Diapason 16'
    Open Diapason no.I 8'
    Open Diapason no.II 8'
    Open Diapason no.III 8'
    Hohlflote 8'
    Octave 4'
    Harmonic Flute 4'
    Octave Quint 2 2/3'
    Super Octave 2'

    Mixture IV ranks.
    Tromba 8'
    Great Pistons to Pedal Composition

    Pedal Organ.
    Open Diapason 16'
    Violone 16'
    Bordun 16'
    Octave 8'
    Flute 8'
    Ophicleide 16'

    Choir Organ (Enclosed).
    Lieblich Gedackt 8'
    Viola 8'
    Flauto Traverso 4'
    Lieblich Flote 4'
    Nazard 2 2/3'
    Harmonic Piccolo 2'
    Tierce 1 3/5'
    Corno di Bassetto 8'

    Swell to Great
    Swell to Choir
    Swell to Pedal
    Great to Pedal
    Choir to Pedal

    Thumb Pistons.
    4 to Great
    4 to Swell
    3 to Choir

    Foot Pistons.
    4 to Pedal
    4 to Swell
    1 to Great (Reversible).

    St. Mary's Parish Church. Commenced 1875 - completed 1913.

    Photographs by Malcolm Stowell.

    Architect; John Oldrid Scott.

    The West Window, 1915. Designed by Alfred A. Wolmark, given by Mary Elliman. The first abstract church window in the country.

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